Maude Lacasse.19, Montreal.Canada My instagram is: m0lac


parents: no boys at your sleepover
lesbian: :)
Anonymous asked: Okay then i'll come out of anon haha ! Mais tu vas etre deçu 😒 je suis pas hot comme toi

haha ben la ca la pas rapport, cest juste soo I can say hi when I see you downtown :)

Anonymous asked: Do u have snapchat ?

yes maudelacasse but I rarely answer

Anonymous asked: Cant do what ;)? Hahaha ! T'aime pas ca pas savoir je suis qui :0? Maybe u will know it friday 😉

Non je n’aime pas ca haha!! surtout si tu me vois souvent, come talk to me lol Idk if im going downtown friday…probably!!

Anonymous asked: Yeahh really :) je suis cest un secret hihiji :$ oui je sais moi aussi je suis souvent la. Hope to see you friday at the U sweety 😘

ok but you cant do that? haha who r u?

Anonymous asked: I know but you're not just only hot! Tu es juste parfaite in every single way. Chaque fois que je te vois je deviens folle. Je t'aie souvent vue a mtl ;)

awww thank you,❤️ oh reallly??? tes qui? je suis tjrs dans le village aha :)

censwh0re asked: fagget :')



i hate it when Im singing a song and someone corrects me . Im like “bitch, what if i was free styling”


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Me: I'm going to have a six pack by the end of the summer
My dad: Yeah, a six pack of beer